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Jane Colt
Red Rock Romance
Jane Colt, author
Red Rock Romance is a contemporary ‘Search for the Lost Tribe’ erotic romance (78,000 words). An upbeat, fun adventure with a surprise ending, the story is set mainly in Sedona, Arizona and London. * Can ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Indiana Jane’ find the key to love, scorchingly hot sex and, oh yes, a lost civilization? Cocheta (Cat) White Eagle is a Native American archaeology grad student at Red Rock University in Sedona, Arizona on a mission to prove the existence of her ancestral Lost Tribe. A vision tells her the secret is somewhere high in the treacherous mountains nearby. The only problem is she’s afraid of heights! Trying to conquer her fear through pole dancing (of course 😊), she attracts the attention of a bad boy Brit. He’s exciting, brilliant, and sexy—but totally off-limits. He’s her new professor, a hound, and, if he recognizes her as the girl behind ‘The Contessa’ mask, her career will be over before it begins. But he’s critical to her quest. Can she trust him? Colin Tucker is a drop-dead-gorgeous Londoner rocketing to the top of his field. Alas, the sandy haired, blue eyed wunderkind has a weakness for sexy women (the French Ambassador’s daughter, no less). Banished to the Colonies, he finds himself torn between the exotic stripper and his brilliant student. After being put to a sexy test, he gives his heart to Cat. He pledges to help her in her search, they join forces and live hap—. But wait! Smugglers, deception, and danger! Colin breaks up with Cat to keep her safe, gets arrested for stealing artifacts, and helps the thieves who are trying to thwart her search. Is that really how you win the girl? Cross your fingers!