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David Brewer
Reflections of a Wayward Altar Boy: An Archaeology of Memory
Being the True History and Misadventures of a Servant of the Lord, a Stumbling Adolescent, Truck Driver, Carpenter, Hippie, Anthropologist and Underwater Archaeologist, Father, Son, Brother, Buddhist, and Sometimes Unholy Spirit... Here is a compilation of scenes, memories, and anecdotes describing family, adolescence, archaeology, and misadventure while growing up in Florida in the latter 20th century. This set of short tales brings the reader into a culture for the most part now foregone: a panorama from bootlegging to banging, bonging, begetting and besotting. A story of one man's walk up the red cinder brick road from a 60's Irish Catholic upbringing to a late-in-life tropical Zen tour de farce, the author hides none of the rougher characterizations that show both himself and mankind in their lesser light, but a glimmer of hope and humor always shines through, while both redemption and resurgence are never too far away. For older readers it will evoke nostalgia and sweet comparisons to their own silly schemes, with a few twisted turns along the way; for younger readers it will engender an envy of a freedom they'll never know, and warnings of what fate can sometimes deal out rather haphazardly. Nonetheless, everyone should get something to suit their taste: whether it be religion or revelry, philosophy or philandering, imbibing with wastrels or an injection of hard-won wisdom, it's all just a matter of the taste-test of time, where history is only as ancient as yesterday afternoon and both wonderment and significance lie in the eyes of the beholder (or is it the beer holder?).