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Regaining Paradise
Paul Corson, author
At age 10, Paul Corson spontaneously transcended this life into the next—he went to the Other Side, but without a near-death experience. In Regaining Paradise, Corson, a true mystic, tells us what happened on that visit and two that followed, and he answers our biggest questions: Is there a God, and if so, what is the fundamental nature of the infinite force? What happens to us after we die? If there is a heaven, how will we experience it? Inspired by these life-changing, transcendental experiences, visionary Paul Corson’s Regaining Paradise invites you to step into a journey of self-discovery. Accessible and engaging, here is a guided journey into heightening your awareness, expanding your consciousness, knocking your potential, and empowering yourself based in the assurance that at your core, you carry the seed of immortality. You live into eternity and Corson explains that every instance of our lives is indeed a miracle, something that exceeds the reach of science. In regaining Paradise, Corson shows us how understanding who we truly are can lead us toward more satisfying and fulfilling lives.