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Religion and Revolution in Mexico's North: Even Unto Death . . . Tengamos Fe
Religion and revolution reverberated through northern Mexico like the thunder and lightning of its wild and fierce storms. This book reveals the role religion played in the struggle for the soul of Mexico. During the revolution, many lived and died; lost in a thousand fields and unnamed pueblos, meaningless except to the few who loved them, and would never see them again. Lost among the myths were the millions driven by incomprehensible forces. They were knights, bishops, castles, and yes, pawns in the revolutionary chess matches that nearly resulted in the checkmate of Mexican civilization. This book, appropriate for a great backyard read or for a supplementary textbook, has a narrative style with 1200 citations and 300 references. It took Phil three years to write this book; La Llorona has been crying for her children for centuries. She sobs for all those lost in Mexico’s turbulent past and present. Listen carefully; perhaps in the pages of this book you too will hear her cries!