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Reno Carrigan: Lawman

Two lively, classic-style Western tales from award-winning author GP Hutchinson! 

"Reno Carrigan: Lawman" includes "The Reckoning" and "A Dead Amigo." Both are rugged, high-action yarns from a master storyteller!

"The Reckoning" Reno Carrigan Westerns Book 1

When Reno Carrigan's young wife and sister-in-law are brutally murdered and the local law will give him neither a badge nor a posse, Carrigan determines to pursue the murdering outlaws alone. Before he can gain a step on the desperados, however, he learns they've found refuge in a hellish town where cruelty keeps the locals in line. It takes little time for Carrigan to decide that--whether he lives or dies dealing out justice--he's going to make his enemies pay.

"A Dead Amigo" Reno Carrigan Westerns Book 2

Was it murder? Or did an eighteen-year-old cowhand suffer a heart attack? Searching for answers starts the lead a-flying--most of it aimed at Reno Carrigan.

After freeing the border town of Alameda from the twisted outlaws who long held the place in their bloody grasp, Reno Carrigan has kept his word and accepted the job of town marshal. The job has become routine until the morning a popular young cowhand is found dead in a bordello bedroom and the person most likely to have key answers has suddenly disappeared.

When the suspects range from a hookshop madam to a banker to the hombres who run the cockfights just outside of town, Reno Carrigan had better watch his back trail.