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Rescuing Awen
When Dell finds himself attacked by alien shape shifters, befriended by giant telepathic crows, and talking to a stranger who creates force fields, he discovers that his grandfather's medallion is actually a key to Awen, a sentient planet at the center of several galaxies. Awen is dying. Mutilated by a group of criminals out to steal the minerals lying under the planet's crust, the ailing planet bestows Dell with the power to control Her Elements and rescue Her from certain destruction. Rooted in Celtic mythology, Rescuing Awen draws parallels to our own planet’s ecological dilemma. Young readers are sure to enjoy Dells heroic journey of self-discovery in a world filled with conflicting messages.
Tea Marrs,

A very enjoyable story, I took time to read it before passing it on to a teen friend... I didn't have much in the way of expectations because this isn't my typical reading fare. What a nice surprise, this was a great story! Lots of action, with a hero on a voyage of self-discovery that came across as believable and relatable. I identify with the main character trying to figure out what to do in a world of conflicting messages! Definitely a good read for someone who enjoys adventure with a message... a message more people should listen to!