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Resolute: My Quest For A New Heart
On January 1, 2014, a young man and I "met" through a heart transplant. He was raised in a small Georgia town; I in New York City. He had just died at age 20; I was approaching 69. For the past several years, I had suffered with heart failure and, for the previous 70 days, I had been on life- support in Emory University Hospital's Cardiac Care Unit. This book covers where/how our lives intersected and the events leading up to that remarkable New Year's Day. It's a story about utter sadness and glorious triuph; it's a memoir about my long hard quest for a new heart; and it's a narrative of a man's resoluteness in seeking an impossible dream. As the story unfolds, the donor's family and I meet. That meeting, one year after my heart transplant, was followed by some extraordinary and moving experiences between the heart donor's mother and me. Resolute will open your soul, mind and heart to miracles! My book's cover art and trailer are on most search sites (e.g., You Tube, Google, etc.), and Resolute is available on-line at Outskirts Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, E-Books, etc.