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Rene Fomby
Resumed Innocent
Rene Fomby, author
Starting a career as a small town criminal attorney would be tough enough, but as a widowed mother with no income and very little in the bank, Samantha Tulley is in over her head. From court appointed clients who never show up for court to pro bono clients with seemingly unwinnable cases, every day is a new struggle to figure out the criminal justice system. And then suddenly the system turns against her, and Sam and her daughter are left running for their lives. Torn from the author's own real-life case files, Resumed Innocent offers a revealing and gripping inside look at how our fractured justice system serves to punish the innocent and reward the wicked. And for the poor there simply is no justice at all.
Kim Pratt - Amazon

I won't go into the synopsis of the book again, you can read that for yourself. What I will say is that this has got to be one of the most exciting, riveting books I've read in quite some time. Perfectly edited, the story allowed me to sink into the world of Sam Tulley without a hitch and kept me there. She's an amazing criminal defender with morals and the fire to keep the justice system in check. I really hope there's more of her coming, if the last chapter is an indication, I'm jumping for joy!! Well done!!