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Revealing Hannah The Myth of Arachne

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Create)

Hannah is feeling pretty great about the world just about now. Her job might appear to be a dusty exercise in tending antique texts, but it has secret parameters that would blow the mind of the average student at Whitfield. Her apartment, in the attic of Candy’s house, is small but affordable. And she has saved enough money to go on her very first trip out of the country, with her new friend, Gretchen. She and Gretchen spent the summer working on their grad school applications, commiserating about their unconventional childhoods, and plotting a week long trip to the Grecian Isles. Sure, the cruise line was in chapter eleven and had advised them to bring their own drinking water, and yes, their airline was literally called “Fly By Night Air” with an address adjacent to Bradley Airport, but she was certain it would be epic.

She just had to make it through her to do list, meet Gretchen at midnight near the airport, and it was all sun, sand and ancient ruins. Except that her neighbor, John MacCallister, who has spent the last three months avoiding her even though she had thought they were friends, shows up just as she is closing the library with the news that Hermes and Lee are waiting for her back at the house. Hera is calling in her favor.

Despite all her careful planning Hannah will not make it to Greece, but she will be going on a trip. The adventure that awaits her involves cursed amulets, kidnapped gods, murderous spiders and choices that challenge her idea of who she is and what she is capable of.

Book 2 in Revealing Hannah Series Coming SOON!

Revealing Hannah the Myth of Arachne will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2016. Follow Hannah as she continues to build a life after college with the help and hindrance of the Greek gods.