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Reverence for Existence: A Way of Knowing
This book offers an examination and reflection upon the bare fact of existence in and of itself, and of the ways in which humans can come to apprehend and relate to its daily reality. We come to realize that existence is deep with meaning and that the ways in which humans experience it, their attitude and ways of thinking, makes all the difference in how both the world and their lives go. Forests are more than lumber, rivers more than resources, animals more than food and entertainment. What the author calls an attitude of reverence toward existence, toward being, opens these and other insights and paths to meaning. The book asks, “What is fundamental and essential in our lived reality here on Earth? What is the human part in existence and the most fitting way to place ourselves and make meaning in our lives?” And it asserts that we are immersed in signs of truth and goodness every day, supported by Nature’s spiritual richness and life in caring communities. Reverence for Existence reflects on these matters with humility and is informed by the wisdom found in many voices, ancient and modern.