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Jim Hostler
Reverse Mortgage 360: A New Perspective
Jim Hostler, author

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

Reverse mortgages aren’t what they were only a few years ago! Subsequently, there are many myths, misconceptions, and just plain wrong information prevailing today. This book was written to dispel those myths and misconceptions while sharing how today’s reverse mortgage works, along with its many features. New and accurate knowledge of how they work gives a new perspective of them. Now, a reverse mortgage can be used to provide peace of mind and quality of life in a senior’s golden years. Reverse Mortgage 360, A New Perspective, should be read by any senior homeowner who owns a home or is looking to purchase a home, including their children or heirs. Additionally, financial advisors, real estate agents, home builders, accountants, CPA’s, fiduciaries, insurance agents, attorneys, bankers, and the senior care professionals such as care agencies, social workers, and geriatric care managers, would all benefit from reading this book.