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Rhythm of the Garden: an Anthology

Children/Young Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

This anthology is a collection of encouragements, poems, songs, and two short stories. The Garden a place where encouragements bring life to the soul. Poems flow wisdom through the ages. Songs breathe rhythm to the heart and stories that traveled from the mythical realms. Short Stories The Blind Knight Amarah Ealonae reigning champion knight of Celestial Rook Academy. During her jousting tournament she is attacked by mysterious forces her horse; Silver-Bright is injured. What will she do when she discovers her siblings are missing and the home she returns to is burned to the ground? Her father Ralnor came to tell her she is Princess of Aelicien, but didn't mention one little detail a war is on the brink of happening. Unaware that the elves are caught up in the war between the Pegasonians and A'Lecornians. She will have to make a decision soon. Eclipse of the Deep Lumina lives on earth born of a merman King Lor and Queen Luminas of the Moon Kingdom. Just recently found out she is Princess of one of the seven sea kingdoms and now Princess of Moon. Seeking out Heliya on the Cove of the Inbetween at the Solstice Star Festival. To not only save Seven Kingdoms but the Moon to. To top it off the Beings of Transgression are set to let the war commence by not letting Lumina reach the oracle in time. Their is one who can tip the circumstances he is Fate.