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Riley's Excellent and not-at-all Fake Exorcism Service
Sophie Queen, author
Most people’s in-laws try to make their lives a living hell, but Riley’s literally succeeded. Not only did they decide that selling their souls to demons was a good idea, they included Riley and her husband, Daniel, in the deal as well. Riley’s life wasn’t exactly perfect before, what with her failed writing career and not-so-great marriage. But at least she didn’t have to worry about creepy demons trying to snatch her body! If it wasn’t for the help of a demon named Thomas, she probably (most definitely) would have gotten possessed. Thomas, for reasons unknown, takes a shine to Riley, much to her chagrin. But beggars can’t be choosers, and if Riley has any hope of stopping the demons plot, she has no choice but to accept this most peculiar alliance. Not that Thomas makes it easy, with his constant winking and cheesy smirks. To defeat the demons, they enlist the help of a priest named Lanh, who suffers from fainting spells, as well as Riley’s instafamous bestie, Andrea. Together, they must work to stop the demon horde from body-snatching everyone and rescue her Daniel-in-distress. . . maybe her in-laws too, but only if they have time.