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Lucy Prime
Riley's Imaginarium
Lucy Prime, author
Riley’s Imaginarium is a story of a girl who travels in her dream to an ancient city where people can control the four elements and she learns how to do it herself. Riley is struggling to fit in the social life of Hamilton Primary School and her days are full of bitterness and anxiety. At nights, she can relax and play happily in her dreamland, with her imaginary friend Anuiki – they listen to the tales of the river and make water balls in the sky … Everything looks great until one morning Riley realizes she has brought her magical skills into the 21st century. The day when she makes the tap water in the bathroom run up like a fountain spring is the day when her dreams to be a normal kid are crashed. During a school visit at the “Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience Lab” all kids meet the chubby and cheerful Professor Fletcher and undergo a brain-activity check, but Riley’s brain turns out to work in a different way. Desperate for some normality, Riley turns for help to the people in her imaginary land. From that night on, her life is an endless adventure between the two worlds – that of the lost knowledge of the five ancient watus and that of her own reality as a weird child.