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Rogue Lord

Adult; Romance; (Publish)

In his desire to rise up from his predicament, Steven Cosgrove wanted to make something out of himself. Born to a lower-middle-class family, he wanted more for himself and his future. His uncle/guardian decided a career in law would do him good. The education would take place at a London public school. Regency London is the time of luxury where one’s status in the society seems to be everyone’s business. And Steven suffered bullying for not being born into affluence, especially in the hands of Lord Fallworth. At one point, Lord Fallworth, along with his two cohorts, tormented Steven to the point of damage. It didn’t help that the woman Steven was in love with chose to marry Lord Fallworth instead. Steven had to learn to defend himself and had to work hard until he did become a lawyer. And as fate would have it, he ended up working for Lord Fallworth’s mother, whose desire was to bequeath the proceeds of her marriage settlement to her daughter, Lord Fallworth’s half-sister. Lord Fallworth wanted that money as he was deep in debt from gambling. He would fight this decision by his mother, but there would be more obstacles on his path: his half-sister and Steven would fall in love with each other. With this scenario, the additional conflict would increase the tension between Steven and Lord Fallworth. Follow what happens to Steven’s and Lord Fallworth’s journeys as they fight their way toward prominence in society.