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Michael Fox, author
Lone Entrepreneur of 20 years, meets Rolls-Royce plc in Asia, they "BEG" him to get them into a country, they need, and had never previously "set foot in" - 2 contracts are signed and "RR" promise 3-step commissions, upon their successful entry - and contracts start rolling. This Entrepreneur is TOLD to "TRUST" THEM England's finest corporate company, RR succeed, and only 3 weeks later "FIRE" the Entrepreneur- RR contracts and negotiations are proved nothing more than a SCAM! Rolls-Royce plc refuse to pay the agreed 'consultancy fee' and as this book goes to print, RR owe as per contract over US$75 million and this although they have 'benefited' to the tune of US$3.5 Billion! The book includes the paper-trial of over 30 RR letterhead documents and 2 contracts all signed and sealed by senior RR management Fraudsters from the UK including their CEO! Pulsating reading of 'White-Collar-crime' at the highest level and sadly supported by the English Law Corrupt guise.