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ROOFS - A Year-round Place To Die, is the story of a security consultant for a vacationing U.S. Senator who's running for President of the United States. The story is set against the backdrop of islanders – and illegal immigrants -- struggling to find a decent place to live. The island, beautiful as it is, does not present an easy way of life for those who settle and work there. Real estate is expensive, and after all, it is an island, so there is only so much of it. Summer rents are too attractive for those who own houses, and year-round islanders are forced to move twice a year or more as they, and their families, endure the Vineyard shuffle. Jack Rotenborough, senator from New Jersey, vacations on the island and takes up the cause of those who need a year-round place to live. Senator Rotenborough is also the leading candidate for president among the GOP, opposing CIA director Dr. Kirsten Loring, the Democratic front runner. Meanwhile, an eco-activist group from the Pacific Northwest, calling itself the Radical Order of Freedom Seekers (ROOFS) has targeted the mega-mansions of Martha's Vineyard left unoccupied during the winter months, setting them afire and burning them from their roofs down to the ground.