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Roscoe: A Respectable Dog With Good Moral Principles by James L. Thompson
In my book, I am showing ten-year-old students and adults that I had a dog, Roscoe, that I got to make him bite and attack my friends and neighbors,but he just wouldn't. Later, I made a fighting dog out of him. And he was very good at whipping all the dogs that were brought to him for a fight. However, and even over his own food, he just wouldn't fight a female or girl dog. I even tried whipping him to make him fight a female dog, and he just wouldn't. So, the moral of Roscoe's life is that if a male dog can show love and respect for a female or girl dog, surely, boys and grown men should have enough respect about themselves to not ever fight or whip a girl or a woman.Also, all I am trying to do is to speak out and against domestic violence in a child-friendly way to kids as early as possible. As more cases of domestic violence increase, so does the need for awareness.Moreover, my book has some statistical facts about domestic violence in it. For example, every nine seconds in America a woman is attacked or abused. Domestic Violence is primarily caused by ignorance,and therefore I am trying to educate our youth about it.