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Ruby's Risk

Under suspicion after his wife’s murder, Elias Kline knows he has to leave Mills Bluff. Learning a lynch mob is planning to kill him, he slips away from town. Taking only his smithy tools and his young son, he chooses a new name—Ezra King. Heading west seems a fine way to start over, but he’ll need a wife to raise his son and cook his meals. One sent by an agency shouldn’t expect love, he decides.

A matchmaker convinces lonely Ruby Hastings to take a risk on Ezra King. After all, the man is helping fulfill the nation's destiny of settling the west. Reading the man’s letter, Ruby aches for the widower's little boy and seizes on this chance to be a mama to him. After all, with a brother on the run from the law and a newly married sister, her siblings no longer need Ruby and this motherless boy does.

It should be a convenient arrangement. What happens when the mail-order wife begins to push past the walls guarding Elias’ heart, challenging him spiritually and emotionally? When danger follows him from Mills Bluff, will Elias be able to keep his family together?

Good story.

With twist and turns this story has action, love and strength. There is mystery and a murder with name changes.

A Quest For a Family

The author did an awesome job of bringing the characters together. I would recommend this book to readers who like adventure and happily ever afters.

It'll warm your heart

The main characters are well-developed and definitely sympathetic. The plot is absorbing and the pace never drags. And the particular HEA is all you could hope. This was only my second foray into "sweet" romance. I liked it very much and I'm happy I bought it.

What a journey!

I was held captive (in a very good way) by Ruby and Elias’ story. That precious boy and baby girl added much to this tale of trust, faith and mercy.