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Rum Lovers
Twenty-seven year old Anna Lerner has kept her nose to the grindstone since she was thirteen, the same year her parents divorced. Her unrelenting, take charge personality has gotten her a great job, a decent apartment, and a boyfriend who works just as often as she does. In a matter of a month, Anna's world goes down the drain when she unexpectedly loses her job and finds out her boyfriend has been cheating. Desperate for salvation, Anna reaches out to the mother she hasn't seen in years, who is currently living 500 miles away in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Anna is forced to relax in her new setting, surrounded by sand, the sea, and a slower pace of life, which makes her more uncomfortable than she's been in years. Her mom's lesbian roommate, a quirky hairdresser, and a gorgeous guy who owns a local distillery only make things more complicated . . . and lead to more than she ever expected.