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Eddie Engram
Run Phillip Run
Eddie Engram, author
Who hasn't watched a football game and envisioned yourself achieving that lofty goal as a young person? I loved to play sports, and I felt like I was good at it. I loved making that touchdown or shooting the lights out on the basketball court. I was a fairly good baseball player, and I could run like the wind. Those achievements were good, but life is more than being just good. I had to really work at accepting the possibility that one plus one would equal two or to understand the meaning of congregating verbs. We challenge ourselves to grow by opening up a book and trying to understand the many messages left for us by so many minds. When we exercise the muscles, along with the mind, we learn to be the change makers and then step away from the pack. This book is about stepping away from that pack and making a difference in your life. It all starts with a book, and it ends with work, and now you can challenge yourself.