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Running For The House

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

An ambitious politician finds himself the puppet of a mysterious organization in Howard Kleinhendler's adrenaline-pumping debut novel, Running for the House.

Known only as “the Committee,” this secret political organization aims to end the escalating South American drug trade once and for all.

In the process of developing a biological weapon that will result in its victims completely untraceable deaths, the Committee needs a politician on the inside to make their scientific ambitions a reality.

This politician is forty-five-year-old lawyer Michael Gordon, a man the Committee expertly manipulates into running for Congress—while fabricating the perfect piece of blackmail that will ensure their candidate's complete cooperation...

As the congressional election draws nearer, those closest to Gordon suspect that he is being manipulated by something—or someone—bigger than himself.

Thirsty for power, however, Gordon will stop at nothing to achieve his political dreams...which may soon turn into a nightmare.