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Running Your Small Business Like a Pro
This book guides small business owners on how to successfully grow the business into a viable enterprise.
Management consultant Frazier, using insights from “over 250 small business owners” whom he has advised, walks readers through new ways of assessing their businesses and moving toward success in this breezy, straightforward guide. Starting a new venture is not for the meek; Frazier points out that only two-thirds of new businesses will survive their first two years, and less than one-third their first decade. With that motivating information out of the way, Frazier introduces readers to the useful concept of both “working in” and “on your business.” Frazier’s advice, however, is often short on the logistics; discussing logo development, for example, he suggests that readers “keep it simple, keep it versatile... [and] make it memorable” (easier said than done). Nonetheless, he covers a lot of territory, such as income and cash flow statements, business models, and breakeven projections. He also offers unusual advice, such as to “market your business like a drug dealer,” and, for married business owners, to recognize the importance of “staying married” (since divorce can eat up both time and resources). Readers should find this a useful resource, though not their last stop. (BookLife)