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Sacred Secrets of the Cedar Chest
Veronica Wheaton was known to her colleagues as a ruthless, cold feeling reporter. She’d stop at nothing to get a story – even if it meant destroying an innocent person. People feared her, her colleagues hated her, and Mark, her boss tolerated her for the sake of the news story. But there was something about Veronica no one knew – she had a wounded heart, so deeply crushed that feeling anything for anyone would cause her great pain. Well, maybe one person knew – the irritating, Bible thumping Christian weatherman, Roy. One day Veronica took her ‘truth finding’ tactics one step too far when she caused an innocent woman and her husband to lose the foster children they had come to know and love. In an attempt to save face in the news industry and get Veronica out of his hair, Mark sends Veronica on a simple cut and dry story out of town – the very town that started her plight into hate. What happened to Veronica that caused her to be heartless and thus ruin her career? What terrible secrets awaited her in the house she grew up in? What truths lay beneath the layers of the cedar chest that sits in shambles in the old attic? Only one person can uncover the secret and only one person will lead her to redemption. SACRED SECRETS OF THE CEDAR CHEST explores the devastating effects growing up in a home where the bi-polar disorder of one parent dominates every one’s lives. Through the character of Veronica Wheaton, the reader goes into this heart wrenching childhood abuse through the use of back-story. The reader will gain insight into this horrible disease and the emotional toll it has on the family – an aspect so often overlooked by society. The target audience is anyone over the age of 18 who has ever experienced the same situation and those who want to know more about it. The theme, however is not one of destruction and ruin, but one of overcoming obstacles, of surrendering to God and finding a way to forgive, thus experiencing the peace of God which surpasses all understanding. For in truth, there is no circumstance, illness or pain that God cannot heal.