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Sam Loves the Ranch
Lou Kamradt, author
Sam loves the Ranch is the second book of a trilogy "Sam Loves" This involves Indians , tells about the arrival the folks on a wagon train, and the lives of Sam's many friends on the ranch and in town as the population grows in both places. Sam is in the middle of many adventures. Both the folks in town and on the ranch depend on Sam for advice. She and husband begin Sam's Dude ranch. Sam is a love and an amazing lady this book is available now


Kim Ann Noren

    I was so excited that Sam and Ted were continuing their adventure and expanding. All the plot twists and turns make reading this well thought out ‘chapter’ of their lives animated with lots of family drama. New characters arrive, and old friends are thoughtfully explored. As Lou Kamradt writes you can feel the dust and smell the biscuits. Not one to miss. Great saga, hopefully there will be more.

Karen Louise Russell

    A charming step back to the 1800's. Kamradt brings the past to life truly conveying the struggles of the time and how love and strong relationships endure difficulties. She pulls you in focusing on heroic characters. Sam, a strong willed, independent woman, is not the norm of the time. She is feisty, but has a strong sense of family, community and helping others fulfill their dreams. Laced throughout the book, her love for Ted builds and together they build a relationship that endures, death, birth, and other obstacles that a big ranch brings to everyday living. A delightful romance that you won’t be able to set down.


  Kathryn Lynn Lingner

    This is a great western romance. After reading and enjoying Lou Kamradt's  first book, ‘The Redheaded Accountant Lady Finds Love’, I couldn’t wait to read book two. Sam and Ted grow their family in a wonderful way. Taking in new people to help on the ranch creates a large family to help and look after each other. I love the way Sam and Ted have big hearts and show their love for all who are close to them. This was a great read.


Gwendolyn McDaniels

    A beautiful story of love. Acceptance and trust. These words alone, should allow the reader to take in and experience life on a ranch like these characters enjoyed.


Lena Anderson     Sam, again shows the spirit of a strong pioneer woman. Even though she is in danger herself, she will do what she has to save herself and others from a runaway stage coach. Still, she works alongside her husband to find workers for their cattle ranch and future “dude ranch,” while helping other pioneer women deliver their babies.