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James L. Weaver
Author, Illustrator
Sarah And The Jeweler
Sarah And The Jeweler \t\tWhen a wealthy female genius inventor in Tiburon designs a futuristic, three-paneled wristwatch whose features and capabilities are far beyond anything known at the time, then hacks into the security camera system of the global Hilton Hotel chain,\tshe realizes that her quest to change national, if not international policy, will require her to hire five additional people- an equally brilliant computer assistant, and four ex-CIA field agent retirees. \t\tThe field agents travel anonymously as individuals throughout the world; manipulating, romancing, and committing covert acts of blackmail, sabotage, and retaliatory murder; all part of their lucrative job description, as their whereabouts are constantly monitored on the wall-sized global cyber monitor The Jeweler deigned and built in her home. \t\tThe Jeweler and her Harry Potter look-alike assistant, Sarah, (who hacks and re-programs an abandoned satellite back into operation for their use), work together; hacking and re-programing their way into some of the most sophisticated and influential sites and systems ever built; all in pursuit of The Jeweler's ultimate goal- \tTo change American politics forever, by telecasting a short, uninterrupted message of global importance, during the 2016 Presidential Debates.