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Savage Noir The Complete Adventures of Frank Savage
MANY BELIEVED THE WEST WAS WILD. FOR SOME, THE WEST WAS SAVAGE. Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher in Genre Fiction and Hard Hitting Pulp presents SAVAGE NOIR: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF FRANK SAVAGE by Greg Norgaard! A hard boiled two fisted western, this omnibus features the original two novels featuring Norgaard's raw, exciting protagonist-Frank Savage- as well as a never before published short story chronicling Savage's last adventure. There is only one way to deal with murderous souls when killing is their modus operandi and revenge is on their mind. When the West was wild, one man knew this better than any other. His name was Frank Savage. A SAVAGE RETRIBUTION and A SAVAGE DARKNESS are Savage's novel length adventures. AN AMERICAN SAVAGE is a newly written tale bringing a six gun blazing finale to a character destined to take his place as one of the best modern Pulp Characters ever. From Pro Se Productions- SAVAGE NOIR by Greg Norgaard!