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Save America From Itself
Save America From Itself is a straight-talking series of essays. It’s easy reading. But this book pulls no punches. Picture friends sitting around the kitchen table or in the local pub, and they’re dissecting politics, politicians and government in the manner of people who feel comfortable saying exactly what they think. Actually, picture a sledgehammer! What makes his book different than other current political offerings is that in the first part, Christopher gives multiple examples of the rough deal being handed to the average American. In the second part, he offers a solution for that average American. This book is here to help change the behavior that got America into this mess. It creates the opportunity for a paradigm shift in the governance and control of American society toward a “help your neighbor” prosocial society. This philosophy speaks to empathetic and compassionate men, women and kids everywhere and rejects violence of any kind. It champions social justice and equality, uniting them in a system of government devoid of political and corporate corruption, oppression and mind control. It teaches that the unity of all Americans supports the common good and is the essence of a prosocial society.