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James Osowski
Author, Service Provider
Schizophrenic Journey the Book of Victor
Malfunctioning in bizarre and hurtful ways, Schizophrenia took my vision of the world to this awful darkness without any knowledge of what I was going through, I had no idea how to fix this insane disfunctional life. I spent almost forty years fighting my way back to something I could understand and manage. Thought to be possessed by the devil and austrasised from everyone. This Phantom ghost and my defender Victor battled over my nievaty. I constantly had to go through trials unbelievable. I lost the ability to hear and understand people to the point of blindness. I was repeatedly bsent of to institutions and prison.see In my messed up mind, I believed I was responsible for everything bad that happened, and guilty of everyone's crimes, including the weather and catastrophic events.. In recent times the ability to see beyond my imagination is finally getting tolerable. Now I run three businesses and am building a Network available online for your help, and for the others suffering. Join in at the "Gordian knot foundation to help or be helped.