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Rhonda Nass
Author, Illustrator
Rhonda Nass, author
SCRATCHINGS OF A MADWOMAN will introduce readers to what initially appears to be two disparate topics--discovering spiritual intimacy and creatively communicating through drawing. Through brief personal stories and colored pencil drawings, Nass communicates the deeper meanings of specific words associated with faith, then invites readers to define these same words through their customized stories. For those wishing to add visuals to their stories, the author leads readers step-by-step through the process she used to complete one of the drawings appearing in the first half of SCRATCHINGS... Using her own history of her high school art teacher telling her she could never be an artist, Nass urges readers to charge ahead THROUGH others' or self doubts re drawing ability. SCRATCHINGS OF A MADWOMAN's encouragement to recognize intimacy with God and pursue communicating creatively may offer readers entrance into realms they previously thought inaccessible.