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Screw This! Let's Be REal
The genius and frankness of Dr Phil, but with a Rock and Roll edge. Dr. Huffman's unique approach to self development is simple and down-to-earth. You will find his philosophy to be candid and humorous as he uses his own struggles to give the reader a fresh perspective on rediscovering their choice at a time. If you're looking for a cotton-candy, pie-in-the-sky philosophy to improve your life, then this book is NOT for you. If you're looking for a real-life, easy, and practical guide that will improve it without those stupid 'feel good' quotes you find on Facebook and Pinterest, then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! "Screw This!" was written by a physician who has worked for nearly two decades to help his clients integrate mind body and to resolve pain through a model of integrated self. The goal is not that you get to the last page and say "It's all going to be perfect," but that you might finish the book and declare: "I CAN improve MYSELF & MY LIFE, one choice at a time."