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David Rich
Scribes of the Tribe, The Greatest Thinkers on Religion and Ethics
David Rich, author
Never before in the history of humankind has there been a greater need for the essential wisdom of ethics. Our political and religious leaders have failed us, and the world is spinning out of control, with despotism on the rise in Europe and North America, continuous wars in the Middle East and Africa, and periodic nuclear standoffs between Pakistan and India. We have too many people, fighting over fewer and fewer resources. Self-interest and greed have hobbled our ability to deal with chronic world problems, such as climate change and overpopulation, that all but ensure our demise if left unchecked. We are afraid for our children and grandchildren. Where do we turn for moral guidance? We turn to this book. For centuries, the world’s greatest minds and most original thinkers have been asking themselves the very same questions that confound us today: In short, how to live a good life. Scribes of the Tribe is a compilation of quotes by everyone from Aristotle to Gandhi and more, interwoven with commentary by the author and a Catholic lay brother. The book is an invitation to contemplate and refine one’s own beliefs in the company of the greatest minds the world has ever known. Open Scribes of the Tribe at random and browse to discover useful knowledge, stimulating ideas, opportunity for reflection, and often, outright hilarity. Scribes answers the Big Questions while exploring the root of humanity’s deepest anxieties and fears. It is a book you can turn to on a daily basis, as well as in dark moments.