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Scrum for Non-Techies

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

Scrum is a teamwork methodology for developing software and technology products. Starting in the 90s, nowadays is still the most used methodology in software development. Used by big companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, BBVA Compass Bank, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and many more, it helps in the creation of high-performance teams and group intelligence to fulfill any requested task. Scrum is starting to expand in other environments that nothing have to do with software: schools, town halls, remodeling companies, strategical development plans for impoverished areas, and other several fields. All existing literature is focused on obtaining a software product, therefore, for non-techies, it might be complicated to hear about software terms such as unit tests, automated regression tests, TDD (Test Driven Development), pair programming or similar terms. In this text I’ll explain what Scrum is in a simple way, eliminating all the computer jargon. Hence I want you to be able to apply it in your environment, whatever it may be. I hope reading this book helps you improve your Business efficiency and achieve success.