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Searching For Isabelle
The story follows three generations, starting with Thomas, a journalism graduate from San Francisco State University. He’s on the front lines of the Cultural Revolution taking place on the streets of San Francisco in the late sixties. After a heartbreaking end of a relationship and a desire to escape the intensity of the blooming Hippy scene, Thomas feels compelled to make a spiritual sojourn to India and then back overland to Europe and eventually to France, whereupon he meets the beautiful French artist Eva at the first annual Django Reinhardt Gypsy Jazz Festival. Shortly thereafter, he must catch his flight and go back to California, but eventually returns to France to meet up once again with Eva. They travel together to the Greek Islands and after much consideration of where to go after that, they decide to go back to Thomas’ old stomping grounds, San Francisco, to make a life together. In San Francisco, they move in with Thomas’ old school buddy and photo journalist sidekick, Adam, the flamboyant charming black man from a ghetto of San Francisco, Estrella, the fiery street-wise Latina form East L.A., and Jenna, who carries the weight of her dysfunctional Italian Catholic background. Before hatching a plan to head east to attend the Woodstock Arts and Music Festival, Thomas and Eva discover they are pregnant. After Woodstock and back in San Francisco, Thomas and Eva give birth to Isabelle, the psychically inclined wonder child, who must struggle her way through a square world as a round peg. In her late teens, Isabelle meets Felipe, the mysterious half Apache half Mexican, in Guatemala. Later, Isabelle and Felipe travel together through South America and eventually give birth to the violin-obsessed Dezhona, the one who will inherit his predecessors’ legacy of great love, and great tragedy and sorrow. Dezhona will go on to become the violinist for a touring rock band and lover to Beth, the brilliant guitarist, vocalist, and volatile star of the band. In the end, he will either be consumed by his broken heart or find redemption.