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LaQueisha Malone
Author, Service Provider
Secrets Amongst Friends

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Create)

Once so sure of herself, but now broken by bitterness and rage, Naomi has to overcome the world wind of temptations she has so eagerly given in to. Yet, hold on to her traditional religious values.


Naomi Marshall was a sheltered teenager. Her mother did everything in her power to raise her daughter with the same religious upbringing she experienced. All of her hard work seemed to have paid off until Senior year, when Naomi’s father was asked to lead his father-in-law’s old church causing the family to move from Michigan to Arkansas.


In search for something to believe in, Naomi seemed to be just the angel Mya Benson had hoped for. A troubled teen, who was no stranger to the courts, will be pushed to the edge when she discovers the life she’s been running away from is never far behind. Both girls are in for a surprise when they realize the secrets they both share are too big for them to sort out together.


Could the strength both girls have acquired help them in their weakest hour, or will their lives unravel and take a turn for the worse?