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Secrets By The Water

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

It’s been three years since the tragic death of his grandparents. Rusty has been called home to Texas for the final reading of the will. This face to face showdown with his verbally abusive father isn’t something that is high on his list of things to do. Ultimately he wouldn’t dream of stepping back in this town, but the words from his grandmother Gege keep coming to him and compelling him to face these fears and past abuse. He hears her voice, but how is this possible? Being awarded the home in Florida and put in charge of the financial fortune leaves Rusty’s Dad and sister angry. How angry? Rusty will soon find out. Arriving in Florida at his grandparent home is almost like stepping back to his childhood. However, many things have changed. The more questions he has, the deeper the secrets go. Mysterious things begin to happen the closer Rusty gets to the truth. He ultimately learns how deeply the love of his grandparents went as he uncovers the truth behind the accident. Voices from the water come flooding in and the secrets of his past prove to guide his footsteps. Rusty must come to terms with his own secrets and how it affects friendships, loves, and family acceptance.