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S. H. Pratt
Seeking Peace
S. H. Pratt, author
Scottish-American Kyle McCoy always knew what he wanted. A life without cubicles. He dreamed of a musician’s life where he could write and record his music. He always knew that was the life for him… until he got what he wanted. As his concert tour ends, Kyle finds himself at a crossroads in his life. One road leads to stardom and fame, as his alter-ego Keegan, at a cost he isn’t sure he can accept. The other road seems to lead to a claustrophobic cubicle-bound life that he’s certain will be his worst nightmare. While Kyle contemplates both paths, a chance meeting with an old friend offers him a new path… a path to Peace and Stella Albright, the lovely owner of Peace’s Bed & Breakfast. With his future hanging in the balance, Kyle must reconcile reality with his life as Keegan, while convincing Stella that allowing passion back in her life could save them both.