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SELLOSOPHY: The Art and Science Behind B2B Sales and Business Development
It is a book for professionals developing a deep understanding of sales and business development. Sellosophy integrates the philosophical ideas of great minds into practical sales management models. I wrote this book especially for corporate managers, business developers, business owners, distributions managers, and sales professionals. We know that sales tactics and motivational speeches don’t hold their effect for more than a month. In the long run, only professionals who develop a practical vision about their business will be successful. It helps them overcome crises, uncertainties, and competition. Their vision leads their teams to new wins in an ever-changing environment. This book is an intellectual journey to develop your practical vision of the six fundamentals of sales management: • Business Development in New Markets • Recruiting Sales Managers and Business Partners • Motivation of Salespeople and Business Partners • Account Management Strategy • Developing a Local Professional Community of Customers • Efficiency and Antifragility for Sales Organizations