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Servant of the King: Memoir of Modern Apostle Kemper Crabb
Chana Keefer, author

Adult; Memoir

11 MILLION SALVATIONS. 1,800 CHURCHES. 400 ORPHANAGES. 17 RESURRECTIONS. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Mother Teresa. 5-TIME NOBEL PEACE PRIZE NOMINEE. From the palaces of kings, to the slums of India, and to the belly of dungeon-like prisons, Kemper Crabb spreads salvation, love, and alleviation of suffering. It started with one suffering child. Armed Gurkhas would not let Kemper near the child for fear he would "alter Karma." The child died--frightened, alone, and unloved. Kemper cried out to God, "Why do You allow such suffering?" God gave Kemper a vision of the child sitting on Jesus' knee, but He gave the heartbroken missionary much more: a vision of how to relieve the spiritual and physical suffering of millions. Included: Kemper's Spiritual Warfare Training Handbook
Amazon Customer Review

As a Christian wife, mother, and seminary student, I have come to appreciate a good book when one crosses my path. This book is certainly at the top of that list. The author writes in such a manner as to endear herself and her subject to the reader. The book is composed in a friendly tone with plenty of footnotes linking to further study on interesting, lesser known facts and details. The content stimulates even the most demanding reader. The genre is biographical with a conversational style allows the reader to connect with Kemper, and care deeply about him and his ministry. The author delves into topics that, historically speaking, have been misunderstood in the western church (spiritual warfare, angels and demons). She does this in a style reminiscent of C.S. Lewis as she takes the reader through a stepwise, logical progression toward understanding. She does this effectively, leaving the rational reader to only one sane conclusion - Kemper has a gift which allows him to operate within a realm that most cannot perceive. This gift has aided and guided his ministry work. Read this book! It is sure to become one of your favorite biographicals. One that you will be hard pressed to keep in your library, as you will find yourself sharing it with family and friends over and over.

Bill Rieser, Celebrate Recovery Pastor at Real Life Church, Evangelist, & Author

This is a must read if you are looking for something to stretch your faith to realize nothing is impossible for God.


Brett Rogers, University of Texas College Director for Young Life Ministries

Kemper is very, very unique. He set out to help children and has to deal with far darker things of the black market and kids dying. Some have waited a lifetime to hear what Kemper Crabb is saying. His spiritual perspective of what s going on worldwide challenges us to believe in the power of Christ.