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Set Yourself Free: Daydream it... Believe it... Achieve it!
Set Yourself Free: Daydream it…Believe it…Achieve it! is a powerful call to action and practical guide for achieving success and happiness. Two out of three people are not satisfied with the direction their lives are taking and fail to grasp the opportunities in front of them to lead vibrant, genuine and purposeful lives. This book illustrates how to pursue daydreams, overcome the paralysis of fear, and take courageous steps in your life. Set Yourself Free teaches how to: •\tConquer procrastination, •\tStay focused on your goals, •\tTurn negative influencers into positive action steps, •\tGet organized and follow through. This book gives you the road map to achieve your rightful place as a joyful, fulfilled individual. It takes courage to recognize the need for personal change, but if you take it one day and one task at a time, and forge ahead with commitment and confidence, you can accomplish great things!