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Seven Summits for Dad
A journey through loss, despair, reflection, and redemption. Anthony McClaren didn't have an idyllic childhood. His mother was an extremely unconventional woman who passed away from Cancer in her early 50s. His father, an Air Force Master Sergeant, spent his final years battling Parkinson's Disease with Anthony as his primary caretaker. Following his father's death also in his 50s, Anthony was faced with an overwhelming amount of grief and uncertainty about his own place in this world. Always having had an adventurous spirit, Anthony decided to deal with his grief and honor his parents by climbing mountains. Not just any mountains - all seven of the highest mountains in the world. In a journey that would ultimately take two years and ten days to accomplish, Anthony shares his triumphant story in Seven Summits for Dad. Join Anthony on his journey from the depths of despair to the glory of standing on the summit of the highest peaks in the world. Through his travels he not only found a way to move beyond what seemed impossible, but discovered a life-altering purpose that will honor his father for decades to come. Seven Summits for Dad is available in both print and electronic versions at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, and other retailers worldwide.