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Shadowed Heart
Laura Florand, author of The Chocolate Heart, once again expands the genre by taking readers into the vivid moments of love and tension within a marriage in a heart-wrenching and heart-warming look at Happily Ever After. As both Summer and Luc struggle to find their balance in their new marriage at the onset of parenthood, Shadowed Heart, an irresistibly lush novel that is an ode to Happily Ever After itself, explores what it takes to not only fall in love once but to embrace that love through all the changes a marriage can bring. Luc Leroi, Parisian top chef, thought he could handle everything: marriage to beautiful heiress Summer Corey, opening a new restaurant in the south of France and making it the best in the world, even, yes, believing in his own happiness. No matter how many people had abandoned him as a child, he could believe that this happiness, his marriage with Summer, would last forever. That was until… Three words, to shake a man’s existence. Three words, to call on all a man’s strength, all his courage, all his love, and all his ability to hope and dream…and trust. Three words, to wake up every fear a man has ever had. “I’m pregnant, Luc.” Now how could a man be perfect enough for that?