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Shanna Poe's Imaginary World A Birthday Party

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Shanna Has a friend named Irga. Shanna loves to play with Irga. Until today, Irga has been Shanna's secret imaginary friend. Today is Shanna's fifth birthday. Shanna's friends are coming to lunch to celebrate, with presents and cake too. Also, a magician is coming as a big surprise for Shanna and all her friends. SHH, don't tell! Shanna wants Irga to be at her party too. Shanna is so happy. It is going to be a Very Special Day.

Wonderful story and the illustrations are bright and beautiful!!! Brings us all back to our childhood and our own imaginary playmates. Will read to my grandchildren over and over. A must get for your children.

Love.I Love this Book!!!!