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Kimberly Rae
Kimberly Rae, author
This book is the soon-to-be-released sequel to Shredded, Reviewed by Publisher's Weekly here: Christian Romantic Suspense Revenge, Fears, and Lies... Can Anyone Be Trusted? Jean is finding freedom from her past and Grant has hopes for their future. Slash is in jail, and Candy moves forward with her new ministry despite it scandalizing half the church and forcing the rest to face their own prejudices and fears. When a former friend calls for help, Candy and Jean must decide to either trust her or turn her away. Is she truly seeking freedom, or is her request a cover for someone else's darker purpose? The choice they make will have consequences for every person they love, and every hope they have for the future.
In Rae’s (Shredded) second installment in the Broken series, Jean has fallen in love with Grant, whom she met in book 1, but her emotional scars run deeper than her love for him. As she learns to let go, her heart begins to heal. Jean relies often on her friend in faith Candy, whose refreshing sense of humor and positive outlook never ceases, to astound as she spiritually challenges the ladies at their church. Although Candy’s plan to start a strip club ministry horrifies them, they soon realize the critical need the strippers’ have for freedom from their protective club owner and themselves. Looking for redemption, Candy’s friend Champagne is released from prison only to be blackmailed into betraying her former friends to protect her sister. Although they don’t believe in her innocence, the church community protects her, risking their lives to help her. The outcome is a chilling chase that results in heartache and hurt. Rae admirably approaches a difficult subject with a nice balance of romance, intrigue, and wit, while proving that no one is too far gone to overcome their past. (BookLife)