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Shore Leave
Syd Gilmore, author

On the day that school let out for summer vacation, 14-year-old Billy McBride thought life couldn’t get much better. He’d just finished his freshman year of high school, he was dating the girl of his dreams, and right after his big brother’s graduation party, they were leaving for the Jersey Shore to spend the entire summer at the beach. What could possibly go wrong? In the summer of 1975 Gerald Ford was President, Elton John was the biggest rock star in the world, and people lined up around the block to see the movie Jaws. But for Billy, it was the summer that changed everything. Forced to confront his deepest fears, Billy struggles to grow up while desperately clinging to childhood fantasies and come to terms with the man he would become. In this coming-of-age sequel to his novel, Apollo Dreams, author Syd Gilmore explores the true meaning of friendship, the complexities of surviving loss and heartbreak, and summoning inner courage in the face of adversity.