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Silent Partner
Antonio Commisso 3636 Belair Lane Naples, Florida 34103 (239) 6497877 Copy write 1998 1 Synopsis for Silent Partner Twelve years after the death of his father, Frank D’Antonio is called to a meeting. His two older brothers announce the sale of the family’s multi-million dollar empire to three corporations. The shock has left him bitter and confused. At thirty-eight what was he supposed to do with the rest of his life? He decides to go away to think things out, and plans a last minute vacation to Miami where the family once had controlling interest in The Regency Hotel. Sentiment and a need for solitude sway him to take a suite at The Eden Arms, where he checks in as James Anthony. One afternoon while returning from The Eden Arms beach he stops at the Tiki Bar for a cold drink. There he meets Stacy Iseman, the tennis pro at The Regency. He introduces himself as Jimmy, and continues his charade by telling her he is an out-of-work bartender from New York. She reveals The Regency is hiring, so on a whim, he decides to take a menial job. There he hears of the death of Pedro Quero a Colombian Dignitary. On his way to his car one day, Frank notices Commisso 2 Barbara Griffen the assistant beverage manager in the parking garage talking to a man. Andre Haefner gets hired. Friction develops between Barbara and Dan Hiller, a dedicated employee when Dan questions Andre’s incompetence. Frank is reunited with his long-time friend Gino Dallo and Gino convinces him to go to their old hang-out, a high stakes gambling club. To Frank’s surprise, one of the high rollers (Victor Diaz) is the same man he saw talking to Barbara in the hotel parking garage. Curiosity about their relationship reveals Diaz is linked to Ricardo Blanco, head of a big Colombian Drug Cartel. When Dan Hiller is discovered dead, Frank decides to investigate. He senses that Diaz and Blanco are contriving a scheme involving Luis Martinez, the President of Colombia, who will be attending the gubernatorial convention at The Regency. With Gino’s help he searches for clues and comes up dry. After a surprise attack by two unknown assailants Frank decides to give up his search and concentrate on a relationship with Stacy. Commisso 3 Frank has a conversation with Penny Anderson, the family’s executive assistant, and she mentions an article in The New York Times about the convention and a picture of Martinez and Diaz. Penny tells Frank that Diaz visited their New York office prior to his father’s death. When Frank questions his brothers about it they reveal that Diaz had been sent by Blanco to ask their father for help in setting up legitimate businesses. Convinced of a plot surrounding the convention and a possible link to his father’s death, Frank is obsessed to find answers. He uncovers Blanco as the main stockholder in the three corporations that had purchased his family’s empire. Frank’s search causes the death of Stacy but he saves the Colombian President’s life, avenges his father’s death, and finds his niche.