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Denis Hayes
Author, Illustrator
Silly Animal Stories for Kids
Denis Hayes, author
Do creatures really behave like this? Of course they do. Spike the Spider is a resourceful business man with a bothersome family. Ozzie Ostrich has an identity crisis. If he`s a bird why can`t he fly and sing? Ellie the adorable baby elephant is vain and Sebastion Seagull is afraid. See how they survive along with many other characters. The stories continue with Silly Fishy Stories for Kids and Silly Ghost Stories for Kids. Meet Stella Starfish who`s stagestruck and Ollie Octopus who can`t cope with so many arms. Don`t believe in Ghosts? Well you will do when you read about the hilarious tangles they get into while trying to entertain humans by scaring them at Highfield Hall. Spooky!! Join these wild, wooly, whacky creatures trying to sort out their personal problems with their sometimes lovable relatives, neighbours and friends. All characters hand drawn by the author. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, ebooks etc.