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Silver SIlhouette
Tish Hawkins is a seventeen year old cheerleader living in northern Virginia that has been told by her parents that she must make a very important life decision on her eighteenth birthday. She must choose between striving for fame or becoming a worker behind the scenes. Her parents, Charlie and Pam Hawkins are President and primary reporter for the media company Silver Silhouette. Though Tish will not find out until her birthday, they are all Kamilians, shapeshifters from another planet. Her species enjoy living full lives as human beings, as well as other intelligent species on other planets, beginning from infancy. They do not know what they are during childhood so as to not interfere with the real human experience. If a Kamilian chooses fame and succeeds, they become a celebrity not only on earth, but throughout the galaxy and their home world. If they fail they are are deported off world instead. Some Kamilians struggle with accepting their failure and deportation, deciding instead to go rogue. All Kamilians that have lived a life as another species can always return to that form since the DNA is stored in their body. These other species have occasionally been spotted on earth, and have become legends and myths. These include vampires, bigfoot, werewolves, zombies and more. Tish's best childhood friend was Aaron Voh. Over the last two years, however, they have not been close. He and his parents are Kamilians also and once lived as Sanguillen, a species that spawned the vampire myth on earth. They are strong, fast and sensitive to light due to the harsh conditions on their home planet. Assignment to earth is like a vacation that you never want to come to an end. Failing in their energy business, though, the Vohs decide to go rogue and eventually encourage their son to join them. When Tish decides to finally start dating it is Aaron that she prefers, and a double date is arranged with her best friend Susan, another cheerleader. Susan's father is an undercover detective for a police special unit that investigates reports of vampires and otherworldly creatures. Since he is always away he has lost the closeness he once had with his family. Susan resents him for neglecting them. A vicious attack of vampires on a group of teenagers at a hunting lodge after a high school football game brings everyone into the action. Susan's boyfriend is brutally killed in the attack, and Aaron is wounded. When it is later discovered that Aaron's parents were among the attackers it tests his relationship with Tish. As Tish learns more about the mythological creatures that actually exist, and her possible tie to them, she struggles in her relationship with her parents, her best friend, and her boyfriend. When Tish is kidnapped by the rogue vampire coven on the night of her birthday announcement, Susan feels abandoned by her best friend and seeks comfort from her father. He in turn reveals some secrets that draws her even farther away from Tish, eventually joining him in his alien search employment. Aaron is torn between his love for his parents, which has been his family for hundreds of years across the galaxy, and his love for Tish. When the rogue search unit of Silver Silhouette finds the coven with Tish in the woods an epic battle ensues. Tish's father Charlie, President of the company, has grown resentful of his daughter and orders his squad to kill her in the battle. When Aaron steps in to save her he is in turn saved by his father who dies in the attack. Disgusted with her husband's selfish motivation, Tish's mother Pam seizes control of the company's forces during the battle and has her husband deported with the rogue Kamilians. All turns out well enough for Tish as she is welcomed into the work force of Silver Silhouette, expecting to follow in her mother's footsteps as a reporter. Aaron is welcomed into the company as well, in the rogue search unit. Tish and Aaron both look forward to a long life together. However, Susan is still quite angry with Tish for abandoning her and steals her father's pistol. After shooting Tish and leaving her for dead she runs away, eventually heading home to be greeted by Tish's mother in alien ape form, and is knocked unconscious and taken away. Tish is still in surgery as the story ends.