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Simply Amazing Women

Adult; Self-Help; (Market)

Celebrity Radio Host K.C. Armstrong again shares interviews with amazing people who overcome life's most intense challenges to use their new wisdom to help others. Second in the Simply Amazing series: “Similar to volumes in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series ... a major player in the self-help genre.” US Review of Books
Midwest Book Review

If ever there was a good time to publish an inspirational collection of stories, it's now. Simply Amazing Woman is about choosing the kinds of responses during adversity that translate to survival and courage. While these mini-biographies were compiled before Covid-19, they highlight the ongoing need for inspiration now as never before, and is intended, like its predecessor Simply Amazing Special Author’s Edition, to provide the encouragement to not just go on with life, but make it the best possible.


The examples posed by these women all demonstrate paths to rising above adversity. Readers receive a survey filled with intense battles involving self-healing, transformation, and the kind of self-improvement that leads to helping others both through example and by outward-oriented effort.


Take 'A Mother's Love', a hard-hitting interview with mother Marcy Stone about an amazing journey into motherhood against all odds. K.C. Armstrong's interview here is designed to follow the building blocks of how Marcy Stone evolved her life perspective and came to rely on it to face and overcome many obstacles in her life. From how she overcome impossible predictions to her realizations of what it really meant to be a mother, her story is filled with insights readers will find hard-hitting, remarkable, and clear in their progressive learning opportunities.


Another thoroughly engrossing piece is 'A Song of Gratitude', an interview with Dr. Feyi Obamehinti, who met her abusive mother for the first time at age 16. Dr. Obamehinti's life experience not only led her to become a prominent Christian figure serving as an example for other women, but helped her build a strong family without many of the challenges she faced as a child: "Sometimes, we have to become what we never had. For me, that meant being a loving, caring and present mother for our daughters, something I never had."


As these remarkable lives unfold through interviews designed to pinpoint the origins of their strengths and perspectives, readers are treated to a moving, inspirational account offering various strategies for overcoming adversity.


As a new world replete with fear, death, and division emerges, there is no better time for reading and considering this book's underlying message about not just survival, but building and rebuilding a better life from the ashes of disaster.


Very highly recommended as a torchlight guiding the way to transformation.

Diane Donovan, (Senior Reviewer  Midwest Book Review).

US Review of Books

Simply Amazing Women
by K.C. Armstrong
WMAP Publishing

book review by Barbara Bamberger Scott


"Be inspired by these Amazing Women and what their best qualities say about all of us."

Noted radio personality Armstrong interviews thirteen extraordinary women in this moving collection. Kathy Bidelman learned forgiveness after the tragic death of her brother. Cicilia Sleyeian advocates equality for Maasai girls. Debra Morgan conquered addiction to help others similarly burdened. Jade McAuliffe assists those affected by suicide. Recovering from an abusive relationship, Danielle Shay now teaches stock option trading skills. Marilynn Hughes advises those exploring out-of-the-body travel. Life coach and author Marcy Stone, a survivor of personal tragedy, counsels mothers after surviving difficult childbirth. Sandi Holst renounced workplace boredom to encourage women to seek enlivening employment. Nigerian Feyi Obamehinti founded a charity for disadvantaged communities, while breast cancer healing became the focus for Lola Scarborough after many setbacks. Forthright Wendy Ann shares perspectives as a writer and founder of her own “tribe.” Ancient disciplines of Qigong aid Lotus Zheng in her healing work, while educator Misti Rains inspires after battling a brain aneurysm. The face-to-face/voice-to-voice format helps readers feel they know these women personally, using empathy to draw out stories from each of these remarkable individuals.

Armstrong shines an encouraging spotlight on their unique experiences. He appropriately prefaces each woman’s account of barriers and successes and, when needed, deftly prompts, offering pertinent facts and gently phrased questions. It’s an effective technique, creating a comfort zone of understanding. Interviewees are respected as they recount defining moments and share accumulated wisdom. This is the second in the Simply Amazing series, with interviews taking place in Armstrong’s internet and FM outlet WMAP (World’s Most Amazing People). His introduction references the current COVID-19 pandemic, remarking that all the stories in this aggregation involve “a personal pandemic that one has to somehow get through.” International in scope, this volume will doubtless be inspirational for women of any age and provide a lively focus for women’s groups and forums across the globe.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books

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