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Laya S
Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors: The Legacy of the Jewish Woman
Laya Saul, author
Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors brings the stories of women of the Bible to life drawing on a spectrum of Jewish sources. Each chapter for each of the women written about brings us relevant lessons for living our best lives today in a section discussing her gifts. Another section "reflections in their mirrors" discusses issues that connect with the women, for example: sexuality, gender roles, reincarnation, nobility, or beauty. From the back cover: You know the story of Cinderella but do you know the eternal stories of your ancestors? The Jewish matriarchs were strong, dedicated, and complex, and they set up the foundation for your spiritual inheritance! A prophecy tells of a generation that would hunger, but not for food. It would be a hunger for things spiritual. We are that generation. Our bellies are full, yet we have a yearning. We are hungry for spiritual nourishment—and we are seeking. This book is a taste of the spiritual legacy that nourishes your soul. This book will give you ~The timeless stories of biblical matriarchs ~Guidance and inspirational Torah wisdom ~Insights to living with purpose Connect with the stories of your ancestors and reawaken to your inheritance as a Jewish woman.